Bringing brands, retailers and pet lovers together

We're all about good food, good health and, good business practices. We want to become your beloved partner for life.

A la carté integrations with your brand and business model. Work with us in México.


10 years working with brands to empower their performance with their retailers. Our marketing, sales and regulatory teams drive results for your brand in Mexico.


With a dedicated workforce in Mexico City, corporate sales teams and a one of a kind e-commerce B2B channel, we deliver to every customer in need.


Innovative product lines under our proprietary brands Un Dos Treats and Trick & Treats. ¿Need exclusive product lines for your retail? Ask us! We're there to cover you.

we provide healthy, lovingly-produced pet food, products & solutions


Made with passion and market fit. Built under our roof.

B2B e-commerce

Our tailored e-commerce solution to serve independent business owners. We custom built in, a drop-ship engine with customized packing slips, volume discounts and more!

Muy Mexicano

Un Dos Treats is our brand with pet treats and supplements, inspired in our mexican traditions and culture. The first in Mexico to offer a grow-it-yourself cat grass kit (and our best seller!)

Treats for all!

Made and designed in Mexico, our Trick & Treats brand is the perfect platform for bulk cookies retailing in-store plus an assorted entry level packaged options for dog and cats.

We´re a mexican company, inspired by a dog and founded in 2011

Our Why

Because we are passionate about the well being of companion animals and their bond with their humans, and because we strongly believe that fair and profitable business practices are possible in our industry.

Our Mission

We bring together brands, retailers and pet lovers, understanding their needs and market trends, to bring happiness to pets and their families.
  • Av. Eugenio Garza Sada Sur 3820, Más Palomas (Valle de Santiago), Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
  • Micropolis Complex, 7th floor, Suite 19


"We believe that pets should be seen as family members, and should therefore be treated as such"

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